May 20, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

We here at McLeRoy Realty had heavy hearts as we rode around to see the damage of the recent tornados. It made us each feel saddened and shocked to see the reality of storms we had only watched on television. We listened as victims told their stories of how they experienced extreme terror seeing their homes disappear, and we heard of stories of how families were brought back together. It blesses us to see the community pull together offering a hand during these hard times.

We at McLeRoy would like to donate our services too during this time and give back where we can.

We are here for the victims to:

1. Recommend quality contractors that we have used and trust, who will provide a good job at a good cost.

2. Provide Free advice/counseling on the value of your homes and land. To assist in the decision to sale the property or rebuild the home.

3. Donate our commission/fees, per case, to help put more money back in the pocket of the victims.

4. Assist with temporary housing-

Please call either Rentals 770-567-3030 or Renee Goodman 770-550-2414

5. Just let us know your needs and we will be glad to try and assist you in anyway.

And know you always have our thoughts and prayers as we pass through the area and reflect upon the damage and the changed lives caused by the storms.;