June 7, 2011

Agent of the Month – Cathy Nichols

Cathy Nichols

About Me…

I’ve been married to Dan for 26 years.  We have three wonderful children.  Ashley is 26 and is in the banking industry.  She just graduated from UGA with a degree in Business and just recently had a little girl named Emmaleigh.  Taylor is 20 and in college and pursuing a career in education and works at a daycare, and Adam is 16 and in tenth grade.  Yeah, I know, they’re pretty spread out but it has worked out well that way.  I’m very proud of my family.  In my spare time I like to dabble with the computer.  When you are as old as I am, the techie stuff doesn’t come to you as quick as it does, for example, my kids……..Seems like my family is always gathered around the The Nichols’ Internet Cafe.  I also like to spend time with family and I just have to tell you that I have become a GiGi this year.  You ask what is a GiGi?  Well, don’t tell anyone but it means shhhh (grandma).  I’m just vain enough to think that makes me not old enough to be that g-ma word.  She is my heart that’s for sure.  She is now 4 months old and I love love love that little girl.

Family is what Pike County is all about.  Small town with great schools.  Come check us out!  I can supply you information about the schools as well if you’re interested.

Please just remember to “Call Cathy”  770-584-2716.  I wish you good hunting.


June 2, 2011

Community Spotlight: Thomaston, GA



Thomaston, GA is an old mill town located an hour and twenty minutes south of Atlanta, GA. Thomaston is the county seat of Upson county and is named for Stephen Upson, a Georgia lawyer. Other nearby cities include Yatesville, Zebulon, Griffin & Barnesville.


Thomaston, GA

Zip Code: 30286

Population: 24,308

Land Area: 207.8 sq. mi.

Median Home Price: $90,202

School District:

Upson County Schools

(706) 647-9621

205 Civic Center Dr.

Thomaston, GA


Hightower Memorial Public Library

(706) 647-8649

800 W. Gordon St.

Thomaston, GA


Thomaston Times

Upson Beacon

Chamber of Commerce:

Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce

(706) 647-9686

110 W. Main St.

Thomaston, GA

Local Government:

City of Thomaston

Upson County

Upson County Commissioners

Upson County Recreation Dept.

Law Enforcement:

Thomaston Police

Emergency: 911         Non-emergency: (706) 647-5455

Upson County Sherriff

Emergency:911          Non-emergency: (706) 647-7411



City Electric                         (706) 647-3145

Upson EMC (706) 647-5475

Veolia Sanitation               (706) 647-8490

Charter Cable Toll-Free: (800) 342-3746

Private School:

Westwood Christian Academy


If you are interested in Thomaston, please give one of our agents a call today  at (770) 567-3030 and we will be more than happy to help you find your next home in this beautiful city.

May 25, 2011

Community Spotlight: Zebulon, GA

Zebulon, GA is a quaint little town located an hour south of Atlanta, GA. Zebulon is the county seat of Pike county and is named for Zebulon Montgomery Pike, an America solider and explorer. Other nearby cities include Concord, Meansville, Molena, Williamson, Thomaston, Griffin & Barnesville.


Zebulon, GA

Zip Code: 30295

Population: 1,228

Land Area: 3.54 sq. miles

Median Home Price: $114,397

School District:

Pike County Schools

(770) 567-8489

16 Jackson St.

Zebulon, GA


Flint River Regional Library System

J. Joel Edwards Public Library

(770) 567-2014

585 S Highway 19

Zebulon, GA


Pike County Journal-Reporter

Pike County Times

Chamber of Commerce:

Pike County Chamber of Commerce

(770) 567-2029

416 Thomaston St.

Zebulon, GA

Local Government:

City of Zebulon

Pike County

Pike County Commissioners

Pike County Recreation Dept.

Pike County Tax Assessor

Law Enforcement:

Zebulon Police

Emergency: 911         Non-emergency: (770) 567-8441

Pike County Sherriff

Emergency:911          Non-emergency: (770) 567-8431



Georgia Power Toll-free: (888) 660-5890

Southern Rivers Energy Toll-free: (877) 358-1383

City Water/Trash-

City Hall

(770) 567-8748

500 Hwy. 19 South

Zebulon, GA

Other Trash Pick-Up:

Pike Sanitation                  (770) 884-0088

Dependable Waste         (770) 567-1733

Private School:

CrossPointe Academy


If you are interested in Zebulon, please give one of our agents a call today  at (770) 567-3030 and we will be more than happy to help you find your next home in this beautiful city.

May 20, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

We here at McLeRoy Realty had heavy hearts as we rode around to see the damage of the recent tornados. It made us each feel saddened and shocked to see the reality of storms we had only watched on television. We listened as victims told their stories of how they experienced extreme terror seeing their homes disappear, and we heard of stories of how families were brought back together. It blesses us to see the community pull together offering a hand during these hard times.

We at McLeRoy would like to donate our services too during this time and give back where we can.

We are here for the victims to:

1. Recommend quality contractors that we have used and trust, who will provide a good job at a good cost.

2. Provide Free advice/counseling on the value of your homes and land. To assist in the decision to sale the property or rebuild the home.

3. Donate our commission/fees, per case, to help put more money back in the pocket of the victims.

4. Assist with temporary housing-

Please call either Rentals 770-567-3030 or Renee Goodman 770-550-2414

5. Just let us know your needs and we will be glad to try and assist you in anyway.

And know you always have our thoughts and prayers as we pass through the area and reflect upon the damage and the changed lives caused by the storms.


May 10, 2011

McLeRoy Agent Appointed by State Bar

Schultz appointed by State Bar 

Randall Schultz of McLeRoy Realty in Zebulon has been appointed to serve on the newly established President’s Advisory Council of the State Bar of Georgia. Nominated by State Bar president S. Lester Tate III of Cartersville and Dennis O’Brien of Marietta, Schultz was inducted into the President’s Advisory Council during its first meeting April 15-16 at the Bar Center in Atlanta.

The council was established as a means of increasing statewide public awareness of issues in the judicial branch of government and soliciting feedback from a broad spectrum of community leaders and citizens outside the legal profession.

“This is an effort by Bar leaders to create an ongoing dialogue with our fellow Georgians. The objectives are to enhance the public’s understanding of the work of our courts and g arner valuable insight from leaders in the business community and citizens from all walks of life,” Tate said. “Achieving these goals will strengthen the justice system in our state for years to come.”

The State Bar of Georgia, with offices in Atlanta, Savannah and Tifton, was established in 1964 by Georgia’s Supreme Court as the successor to the voluntary Georgia Bar Association founded in 1884. All lawyers licensed to practice in Georgia belong to the State Bar.

Pike County Journal-Reporter 04/26/2011