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June 23, 2011

Community Spotlight: Barnesville

Barnesville, GA


Barnesville, GA is the county seat of Lamar County, Georgia. Barnesville is home of Gordon College. Other nearby cities include Zebulon, Meansville, Molena, Williamson, Thomaston, Griffin & Concord.


Barnesville, GA

Zip Code: 30204

Population: 6,351

Land Area: 5.66 sq. miles

Median Home Price: $31,524

School District:

Lamar County Schools

(770) 358-5891

100 Victory Ln.

Barnesville, GA


Barnesville-Lamar County Library

(770) 358-3270

401 Thomaston St.

Barnesville, GA


The Herald-Gazette

The Barnesville Dispatch

Chamber of Commerce:

Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce

(770) 358-5884

100 Commerce Pl.

Barnesville, GA

Local Government:

Barnesville, GA

Lamar County

Lamar County Commissioners

Lamar County Recreation Dept.

Law Enforcement:

Barnesville Police

Emergency:911                  Non-emergency: (770) 358-1234

Lamar County Sherriff

Emergency:911                  Non-emergency: (770) 358-5159



City of Barnesville             (770) 358-0181

Georgia Power Toll-free: (888) 660-5890

Southern Rivers Energy Toll-free: (877) 358-1383


Atlanta Gas Light Toll-free: (800) 427-5463

Trash Pick-Up-

Lamar County Solid Waste Authority       (770) 358-5215

Private Schools:

St. George’s Episcopal School

First Works Christian Academy


If you are interesting your next home in this beautiful town, please give one of our agents a call today at 706-567-3030.

June 21, 2011

Agent of the Month: Cathy Nichols

Cathy Nichols


The Services I Offer:


My passion is serving real estate buyers and sellers throughout central Georgia.  I offer you extensive experience finding distinctive properties as well as the knowledge and expertise you need to choose the right property. You will benefit from working with one of McLeRoy’s Top Producers and one of McLeRoy’s reliable and consistent agents. I will find you the right piece of Real Estate: Residential Homes, Horse Ranches, Land, or commercial property.  “Call Cathy”  770.584.2716


We all know that in today’s market it’s tough out there.  So many people are in financial trouble and really struggling.  I hope for those that aren’t struggling, you can somehow find a way to give back.  Whether it’s helping a neighbor, helping a child, or offering your services for FREE.  Just go do it.  It’s amazing how much better you will feel about yourself.

It’s a great time to visit McLeRoy Realty, Inc. We are so proud of who we are and what we stand for.  Does integrity mean anything?  Customer service?  Seems like it doesn’t exist anymore doesn’t it?  Well, our motto at McLeRoy is, “Where putting you 1st is second nature”.  We try to pride ourselves with that motto.  It’s just our way.

Let me try to take away your worries and let me do the work for you.   I encourage you to “Call Cathy” at 770-584-2716.  If you have credit issues you’re worried about, we can help you out with that too.  With some time and hard work from each of us, we will try to help you get it straightened out. There are a lot of people out there right now with money troubles. We can get that credit score back up again in no time and get you into that dream house.

I have also started blogging.  Social Media is where it’s at right now.  Did you know that 91% of people will start shopping for a home on the computer first?  I thank you for stopping by here first but I would also like you to visit my blog.  My goal is to help you find out what’s going on with the Pike County Schools.  I’m looking at it to mainly be events, but if I see or hear of something else worthwhile, then I’m going to post that too.  Here is a link to the school system if you would like that too. www.pike.k12.ga.us Please leave your comments or suggestions.  I would love to hear from you.  Remember for all your real estate needs, “CallCathy” 770-584-2716 or I would love it if you would stop by my blog and leave me a comment.   Thanks for stopping by.


June 7, 2011

Agent of the Month – Cathy Nichols

Cathy Nichols

About Me…

I’ve been married to Dan for 26 years.  We have three wonderful children.  Ashley is 26 and is in the banking industry.  She just graduated from UGA with a degree in Business and just recently had a little girl named Emmaleigh.  Taylor is 20 and in college and pursuing a career in education and works at a daycare, and Adam is 16 and in tenth grade.  Yeah, I know, they’re pretty spread out but it has worked out well that way.  I’m very proud of my family.  In my spare time I like to dabble with the computer.  When you are as old as I am, the techie stuff doesn’t come to you as quick as it does, for example, my kids……..Seems like my family is always gathered around the The Nichols’ Internet Cafe.  I also like to spend time with family and I just have to tell you that I have become a GiGi this year.  You ask what is a GiGi?  Well, don’t tell anyone but it means shhhh (grandma).  I’m just vain enough to think that makes me not old enough to be that g-ma word.  She is my heart that’s for sure.  She is now 4 months old and I love love love that little girl.

Family is what Pike County is all about.  Small town with great schools.  Come check us out!  I can supply you information about the schools as well if you’re interested.

Please just remember to “Call Cathy”  770-584-2716.  I wish you good hunting.


June 2, 2011

Community Spotlight: Thomaston, GA



Thomaston, GA is an old mill town located an hour and twenty minutes south of Atlanta, GA. Thomaston is the county seat of Upson county and is named for Stephen Upson, a Georgia lawyer. Other nearby cities include Yatesville, Zebulon, Griffin & Barnesville.


Thomaston, GA

Zip Code: 30286

Population: 24,308

Land Area: 207.8 sq. mi.

Median Home Price: $90,202

School District:

Upson County Schools

(706) 647-9621

205 Civic Center Dr.

Thomaston, GA


Hightower Memorial Public Library

(706) 647-8649

800 W. Gordon St.

Thomaston, GA


Thomaston Times

Upson Beacon

Chamber of Commerce:

Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce

(706) 647-9686

110 W. Main St.

Thomaston, GA

Local Government:

City of Thomaston

Upson County

Upson County Commissioners

Upson County Recreation Dept.

Law Enforcement:

Thomaston Police

Emergency: 911         Non-emergency: (706) 647-5455

Upson County Sherriff

Emergency:911          Non-emergency: (706) 647-7411



City Electric                         (706) 647-3145

Upson EMC (706) 647-5475

Veolia Sanitation               (706) 647-8490

Charter Cable Toll-Free: (800) 342-3746

Private School:

Westwood Christian Academy


If you are interested in Thomaston, please give one of our agents a call today  at (770) 567-3030 and we will be more than happy to help you find your next home in this beautiful city.